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Alcohol Business License

Ha Do Law Firm specializes in providing consulting services, applying for Alcohol Business License in Hanoi.

Registration records of Alcohol Business License include:

  • An application for granting Alcohol Business License;
  • A valid copy of Business Registration Certificate;
  • Documents about Alcohol Business location and ensuring environment sanitation;
  • Types of alcohol schedule and source of the alcohol products;
  • Qualified License of fire protection;
  • Certificate of Environmental Commitment;
  • Hygiene and Food Safety License with alcohol repository and place of business - wholesalers / retailers of alcohol;

Conditions for granting Alcohol Business License:

For imported alcohol bottled in foreign countries:

  • Must have legal import documents in accordance with current regulations;
  • Must have goods labels;
  • Ensure Hygiene and Food Safety according to stipulations of Ministry of Health;
  • Have import stamping according to regulations of law.

For imported alcohol bottled in Vietnam:

  • It must be Alcohol imported and bottled in Vietnam by enterprises with Manufacturing License or Investment License (for enterprises with foreign investment) according to related regulations;
  • Ensure Hygiene and Food Safety according to stipulations of Ministry of Health;
  • Must have labels and on the packages; labels in Foreign Languages must be translated into Vietnamese: name and address of bottling enterprises, number of Manufacturing License; don’t need to stamp imported alcohol;

For alcohol produced domestic:

  • It must be Alcohol produced by premises having License;
  • Must register product quality and to ensure Hygiene and Food Safety according to stipulations of Ministry of Health;
  • Must have labels stipulated by law; on kinds of packages and labels must clearly state the name and address of manufacturing premises, manufacturing License number, alcoholic strength and product quality registration number;
  • Traders operate only in buying, selling or alcohol buying and selling agents on the market after registering business and having Alcohol Business License

Traders having enough the following conditions will be considered to be granted Alcohol Business License within disclosed quantity by Department of Industry and Trade:

  • Having Business Registration Certificate (goods range, line of business including alcohol items);
  • Having fixed business location and clear address;
  • Ensure environment sanitation in alcohol business locations.

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