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Registration for useful solution protection

The useful solution is a new technical solution compared with technical level over the world, with the ability applied in economic-social fields.

The common conditions for protected useful solutions:

  • Be novelty
  • Be capable of industrial application

Right to register useful solution:

The following organizations and individuals are entitled to register useful solution: 

  • The author designed the useful solution with his costs and ability.
  • The organization and individual invested funding and material means for the author in the form of assigning, hiring, unless other agreements.
  • In case, many organizations, individuals design and invest together to make useful solution that organizations and individuals are also entitled to register and this registration right is only performed under the consent of that organizations and individuals.
  • Those being entitled to register as above have their rights to transfer registration right for the organizations and individuals in the Contract form in writing, to inherit according to regulations of the Law, even the case of submitted registration application.

The main tasks Ha Do Company performs are:

Consultancy before registration:

  • Consultancy on protection ability of registration solution
  • Consultancy on establishing solutions to be protected

 Establishment of registration record for useful solution:

  • Making declaration of useful solution registration.
  • Consulting, preparing complete description of useful solution.
  • Shooting figure of solution (If required).

Performing registration to establish the right:

  • Filling record of solution registration at the Department of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.
  • Transferring declaration with the seal of at the Department of Intellectual Property of Vietnam to the enterprise.

Monitoring registration application:

  • Monitoring the process of issuing formality and content examination, disputes notice and notice of being granted diploma.
  • Preparing a Dispatch to answer notice Dispatch of Department of Intellectual Property.
  • Representing to receive acceptance notification of valid application. 
  • Representing to receive notification of being granted Certificate. 


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