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Regular Enterprise Consultancy

To support regularly, timely legal issues to the enterprise, Ha Do Law Company with team of professional and much experienced lawyers in many fields will advise, propose solutions, and evaluate legal risks for the valued enterprise in the operation.

The fields that we can advise regularly and the most effective are commercial Contracts, transactions in international commerce, law on investment, corporate governance, labor unions, Intellectual Property, administrative procedures, taxes.

Consultancy method:

  • Consulting the Law regularly and directly at the office;
  • Advising through online law consultancy switchboard;
  • Consulting via Email through contacting to mailbox of Ha Do Law Company;
  • Advising in writing and sending to valued customers.

Consultancy contents:

  • Consulting Law and answering all questions of the enterprise on legal matters related to operation of the enterprise;
  • Consulting issues related to enterprise internal organization of customer;
  • Consulting on enterprise management; building, developing and protecting intellectual property right of the enterprise;
  • Consulting regulations of Vietnam’s Law on Contract, and making legal, practical solutions for values customers to negotiate Contract with your partners;
  • Providing updated legal information related to or having ability to affect business operations of the enterprise;
  • Considering validity of record and documents prepared by the enterprise and supporting customers to prepare Contract and transaction documents;
  • Enjoying as a consultancy lawyer of the customers in negotiating, signing and performing the Contract;
  •  Providing list of new legal writing related to operating sector of the enterprise periodical (Weekly, monthly) via email, fax, letter;
  •  Providing contract form, other forms to work with State authorities. 

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

For advice and cooperation, please contact us.


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