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Wife children, husbands leave 5-7 working days

New content has officially been added to the Social Insurance Law No. 58/2014 / QH13 by the National Assembly on 20.11.2014. Accordingly, since 2016, male labor is social insurance contributions when his wife was giving birth to break 05 working days; 07 working days leave when his wife giving birth to surgery or have children under the age of 32 weeks; her own twin cases, they are entitled 10 working days (from triplets or more, each additional child are entitled to 03 working days) and the case of twins or more wives that they are entitled to surgery 14 working days .

In addition to the content above, the Law also additional objects close to compulsory social insurance, including people working under labor contracts with a term of 01 - less than 03 months and foreign workers to work in Vietnam has a work permit or certificate of practice or license; provisions shall apply from 2018. In addition, the Act has expanded the scope of subjects participating in voluntary social insurance provisions towards citizens from Vietnam 15 years of age or older to participate in voluntary insurance , instead of working age as before.

Monthly pension will also be adjusted according to this Law. Specifically, from 2016 to 2018 before, the monthly pension of employees equal to 45% of the average monthly wage of social insurance contributions corresponding to 15 years of social insurance contributions, then every each year for an additional 2% for men; 3% for women, but a maximum of 75%. Since 2018, the pension is equal to 45% of the average monthly wage and social security corresponding to 15 years if female workers retiring from 2018 onwards; corresponding to 16 years if male workers retiring in 2018; 17 years for retirement in 2019; to 18 years if retired in 2020; 19 years for retirement in 2021 and retired with 20 years if from 2022 onwards.

This Act shall take effect on the date of 01.01.2016; replace the Social Insurance Law No. 71/2006 / QH11.



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