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Ministry / Department of Health

  • Cultural Products export License

    Cultural Products export License

    Cultural Products export activity is not business purpose of activities bringing from abroad into Vietnam via border, internet or other forms to cultural products for personal use, gift or inheritance exhibition, contest, cooperation and exchange,...

  • Certificate of Hygiene and Food Safety

    Certificate of Hygiene and Food Safety

    Hygiene and Food Safety are all necessary conditions and measures from production, processing, preservation, distribution, transportation and use of foods to make sure that foods are clean, safe and not harmful to health and life of consumers....

  • Import of medical equipment

    Import of medical equipment

    Ha Do Law Firm provides to customers consulting services and implements the application for medical equipment import License with contents as follows:...

  • Disclosure of Cosmetics circulation

    Disclosure of Cosmetics circulation

    According to the regulations of law, the organizations and individuals responsible for bringing cosmetic products to market take the responsibilities of disclosing cosmetic products at the Drug Administration of Vietnam before bringing products...

  • Quality standard declaration

    Quality standard declaration

    Declaration of goods quality not only strengthens the reputation and customer confidence to quality of enterprise products, but also is one of the legal conditions necessary and sufficient for the product to be circulated in the market...