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Labor cases

Ha Do Law Company with many professional and experienced lawyers always updating policies and mastering legal regulations shall give to Customers consultancy over level and scope of the disputes; raise settlement methods; send representative to conciliate and settle the labor disputes at competent authorities under legal regulations.

Our settlement experiences in this area include:

Settlement of personal labor dispute between employer and employee:

  • Disciplinary settlement in the form of dismissal;
  • Compensation for unilateral termination of labor contract; 
  • Compensation for accidents at work or accidents relating to working safety;
  • Between family helper and master;
  • Social insurance under legal regulations on labor;
  • Compensation for loss between employee and labor export enterprises. 

Settlement of collective labor dispute between labor collectives and employer:

  • Rights and benefits relating to employment, salary, allowances, and other labor conditions;
  • Performance of collective labor agreement;
  • Rights to establish, join union activities;
  • Strike and collective strike.

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

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