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Law on labor

The nature of labor relations is fairness between Employer and Employee according to the Labor Contract signed by Parties on the basis of Labor Law. However, in practice, there are arising problems without specific regulation in the Labor Contract, thus the Parties do not behave in accordance with the Labor law and relevant legal provisions leading to labor disputes.

Therefore, How to minimize the arising disputes, and How to compromise the benefits between Parties in labor relation?

Ha Do Law Company with professional, experienced lawyers, regularly updating and clearly understanding legal provisions on labor, insurance, union and will advise Customers from law propagation to  drafting, reviewing labor contracts, ... etc. to minimize the arising dispute and create a premise for building harmonious and stable labor relations in enterprises.

The main services in this area include:

  • Consulting generally on the Labor Law of Vietnam;
  • Consulting, drafting and involving negotiation of Labor Contracts, collective bargaining agreement; labor regulation;
  • Consulting, drafting and perfecting the internal processes of the enterprise relating to labor management and use;
  • Consulting on forms, sequence, procedures for labor discipline settlement and material responsibility;
  • Consulting sequence, procedures for settling allowance and insurance regimes, for the employee when terminating labor relation;
  • Consulting on conditions and procedures for the foreign labor recruitment and use, drafting documents to application for work license for foreigners working in Vietnam;
  • Advising and representing to resovle labor disputes.

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

For advice and cooperation, please contact us.


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