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Procedures for Establishment of Limited Liability Company

Are you just wondering about the procedures and records to establish an Enterprise?

Ha Do Law Company would like to share some information about records and procedures for the establishment, hoping to help valued customers to establish a new enterprise.

The basic records and performed procedures for the establishment are as follows:

1. Written Request for Enterprise Registration (Signed by legal representative) (prescribed form);

2. Draft of Company’s Charter (must be fully signed by legal representative);

3. A valid copy of the personal identification papers or legal entity of legal representative:

3.1- Individual is Vietnamese: identity card or passport.

3.2- If the member is an organization:

  • Establishment Decision; Certificate of Enterprise Registration (Or Certificate of Business Registration and Tax Registration Certificate or Certificate of Business Registration and Tax Registration).
  • One of the personal identification papers under Clause 4.1 above of authorized representative and corresponding authorization decisions (refer to authoritative content in Article 48 of the Enterprise Law).

4. Certification of legal capital of the agencies and organizations with jurisdiction to the Company  trading business lines that prescribed by law, must have legal capital, a list of business lines requiring legal capital;

5. A valid copy of the Practicing Certificate of one or more individuals if the Company trades business lines that prescribed by law, must have a Practicing Certificate. List of some professions requiring a Practicing Certificate;

6. Table of Contents of record (listed in the order above);

7. Record Cover (Thin paper cover or hard plastic does not have the word used for other purposes).

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