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Fasteners plans Lunar New Year holiday

Commenting on the Lunar New Year holiday and weekly swap holidays holidays in 2015 for officials and public servants, members of the unity government plan 9 day Lunar New Year holiday, the holiday 4 calendar days.

                                      Nguyen Tan Dung Prime Minister

Specifically, public servants will go to work on Saturday (02/14/2015) to take it from Sunday (15/02/2015) until 02.23.2015 (ie from 27 December in Armor Horse to 5th January lunar Hare). This option will not survive day to work intermittently, some before and after Tet holidays shall not exceed the difference, getting consensus by matching customs and practices of Vietnam and the aspirations of workers .
Agree with the proposal of MOLISA, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung stressed that the agency must strictly implement compensation workday on Saturday before the holiday.

MOLISA has also proposed plans for New Year break with the public servants working compensated on Saturday (27/12) to leave Friday (01/02/2015), the total number of New Year holidays 4 days from 01/01 / 2015- 04/01/2015.

Also holidays death anniversary of Hung Vuong, 30/4 Victory Day, International Workers' Day will last 6 1/5 consecutive days.

Accordingly, officers and employees will go to work Saturday (25/04/2015) to leave Wednesday (29/04/2015), the leave starts on 28.04.2015 (date and time of the Hung Great) until the end of 03/5/2015.

The agency, administrative and professional organizations did not stay fixed schedule 2 days (Saturday, Sunday) per week, based on the program, a specific plan for the layout of the unit stayed consistent.

Businesses, labor organizations use different depending on the production business unit arranged to stay holidays, Suitable provisions of labor law.



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