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Career opportunities

We always keep in mind that, HR is one of the most valuable properties of the company.

A law firm is regarded as a strong development that must have a good professional team, dedicated and passionate to work, have professional skills, etc. This lawyer teams are recognized as the core of the company, the talent to create value and changes for the future.

To attract talent, our company has constantly strived to create a friendly working environment, professional, highly appreciated individual value in a collective cohesion.

Join with us, you will have the best opportunity to promote the ability, knowledge and skills to perform your legal practice. We will create the opportunities and go with you to the success.

Please send your CV to HR department and we will receive & reply to you as soon as possible.


  • Litigation Lawyer
  • Legal Counsel Lawyer

Job description:

  • Contact customer, receiving records and customer requirements;
  • Research the documents and legislation to protect the legal rights to clients;
  • Representing for clients to work with stakeholders and with the authorities;
  • Representative to protect the interests of customers in the procedural stages Court and Arbitration;
  • Directly consultancy, advisory by letter, by email or other means of communication for the customer.


  • Male/female, graduated law faculty of university, upwards;
  • Had lawyer certification;
  • There are at least 02 years of experience practicing law. Priority candidates have experience in litigation and arbitration courts in Vietnam and abroad, candidates who have experience working with companies and foreign partners;
  • Dynamic, capable of working independently, have the ability to presentations, work well under pressure;
  • Proficient in using office tools, Microsoft Office, Power point;
  • Use English proficiency for the job.


  • Competitive salary, depending on the capacity and experience of the candidate.
  • Working in a professional environment with many leading experts in the law
  • To enjoy the full range of welfare regimes prescribed by law

CV included:

  • Job application (in Vietnamese and English);
  • CV has clearly the process of work or study (in Vietnamese and English);
  • Photo size 4x6: taken within 06 months from the date of filing.

Candidates wishing to apply please contact applicants directly to Hado Law Firm or send by email: infor@hado-law.com

Note: We will only contact to satisfy candidates, non-refundable application page.

If you need more information, please contact with HR staff Ms. Dung - Tel: (024) 730 86 999


About Me: Lê Minh Tuấn

Luật sư, Giám đốc / Lawyer, Director

Tư vấn thương mại quốc tế / International Trade Consultant

Điện thoại: (024) 730 86 999 / Mobi: 090 45 45 299

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