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Establishment of Joint Venture Companies with 100% Foreign Capital

International economic integration is taking place deeply in the countries. The thing that the foreign investors coming into joint venture with Vietnam’s Companies or establishing Companies with 100% foreign capital in Vietnam for their business activities is an inevitable trend.

However, each country has its own policy to attract foreign investment. Moreover, the legal provisions on the conditions and procedures for establishing legal entities in each country are not the same and will change in each certain period.

Lawyers of Ha Do Law Company with much experience in implementing procedures for granting Investment Certificates and regularly updating new provisions of the Law in this section will consult and perform establishment procedures for joint venture companies, 100% foreign capital in Vietnam with the best time and efficiency.

Records to establish the Company are as follows:

  • Written request for establishment of joint venture Company ,100% foreign capital (According to prescribed form);
  • A list of members of companies, attached a copy of personal identification papers of the authorized representative under the law;
  • A notarized copy which has been translated and consular legalized of the foreign firms wishing to invest, venture;
  • Charter of joint venture companies,100% foreign capital;
  • Documents of determining legal capital, a copy of the Practicing Certificate of the head of the Company  as regulated by the Law with the case of Company  establishment as above;

Ha Do Law Company will be performed the following tasks:

  • Receiving information from customers, record and requests of customer;
  • Advising on matters before the establishment of the Company , such as Company  name, headquarters, capital, and other related papers;
  • Consulting to draft Company’s Charter, and other relevant papers;
  • Preparing an application for certificate of business registration / investment license;
  • Submitting the record at the competent state agencies, and regularly updating the state of handling record of these agencies for valued customers;
  •  Receiving/granting investment certificate and performing seal making procedures;
  • Consulting and supporting necessary procedures after establishment in the fields of customs, environment, taxes, etc. 

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

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