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Procedures for establishment of Joint Stock Company

Joint Stock Company is a form of legal entity with limited liability, established and existed independently for its owners. The capital of the Company is divided into equal portions called shares and issued to mobilize the capital of investors from all economic sectors.

The steps to establish Joint Stock Company:

Step 1: Prepare record

  • Written request for enterprise registration.
  • Draft of Company Charter.
  • List of founding shareholders (note: the information of shareholders must be recorded accurately, specifically)
  • A valid copy of the identity card of the founding shareholders;
  • If the shareholder is an organization, they must have a copy of the certificate, unless the organization is the Ministry / province / city) and attached personal identification papers, authorization decision of authorized representative of the organization;
  • Written Certification of legal capital of competent agencies and authorities (for enterprises trade business lines that prescribed by law, must have legal capital).
  • A valid Copy of the Practicing Certificate of Director / General Manager and / or other corresponding individuals in accordance with specialized law.

Step 2: Submit record

The adequate record set will be submitted in Business Registration Division of the Department of Planning and investment.

Step 3: Receive the results and make the sign

Step 4: Declare and pay license tax

The Company must comply with tax obligations, as license tax to the State to come into operation at least at the end of month to be issued a certificate of business registration.

License tax rates are specified compared to registered charter capital of Company when establishment.

After fully paying license tax, Joint Stock Company can go into its business activities.

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