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Modification procedures for business registration Certificate

An Enterprise has legal entity only when it is granted business registration certificate, thus, with any modification in contents on business registration certificate, the Enterprise must register such modifications in sequence, procedure under the Law. 

Cases of changing business registration are, as follows:

  • Changing head office of the Company
  • Changing legal representatives / owners, representative’s title
  • Changing Name of the Company
  • Changing business lines (more or less)
  • Changing members of Company  due to transfer, the personal information of members and shareholders of the Company ;
  • Changing the charter capital (increase / decrease)
  • Changing business location
  • Changing Telephone, Fax, Email, Website (registered);

Record and procedures to change business registration:

  • Meeting Minutes of the change of business registration;
  • Decision on the change of business registration;
  • Notice on the change of business registration;
  • Notice on making registration book for members/shareholders (In case of changing members due to transfer);
  • Authorization letter;
  • In addition, for each changed content, there will have more other relevant documents; 

Ha Do Law Company represents to implement procedures, as follows:

  • Making record of changing business registration;
  • Conducting to submit change record of business registration in Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Monitoring the process of handling and reporting results of submitted record; 
  • Receiving Business Registration Certificate in Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Conducting to submit registration record of making seal and contacting to make seal for the Enterprise in authorized police agency (If the change of business registration leads to the change of legal entity’s seal);
  • Receiving Registration Certificate of seal specimen and seal (Representative of the Enterprise represents together with employees of Ha Do Company );
  • Performing tax code registration procedures for the Enterprise (If the change of business registration leads to the adjustment of Tax Registration Certificate);

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