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Litigating, defending the accused; protecting benefits of victim or litigant deserving rights and obligations in criminal cases are main and important responsibilities of Lawyer.

Ha Do Law Company with many professional and experienced lawyers always updating policies and mastering legal regulations shall apply rights and techniques of Lawyer to bring the best defend and protection to Customers in criminal cases.

Basic rights of Lawyer in criminal cases cover:

  • Lawyer shall present as collecting the declaration of  detainee, interrogating the accused, considering litigation documents with his participation and decisions relating to litigant  he defends;                                                     
  • Ask Arbitral Body for time and place of interrogating the accused to be present in advance;
  • Request to change litigation agencies expert, and interpreter under regulations of Code of Criminal Procedure;
  • Collect documents, objects and evidences relating to the defend from detainee, the accused, their relatives or from agencies, organization, individuals under the requirements of detainee and the accused beyond state secrets;
  • Provide required documents, and objects;
  • Meet detainee or the accused who are temporarily detained; gam;                                                             
  • Read, write, copy and photograph documents in cases  relevant to the defend after the investigation under the legal regulations; 
  • Participate, question, and discuss at Court to defend and protect Customers;
  • Raise claim for decisions, litigation actions of agencies, competent people to raise litigation; 
  • Appeal the sentence of Court if the accused are adolescents or mental or physical disability under legal regulations; 
  • Clear details to prove detainee, the accused free from crime commitment; and clear extenuating circumstances of detainee and the accused;                                                                                      
  • Legally help the detainee and the accused to protect their rights and benefits 

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

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