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Registration of domestic trademark

Trademark plays a key role in the marketing strategy of the enterprise, contributing to create the image and reputation of the enterprise, those products for customers. The protection of enterprise trademark is the prerequisite work to ensure the long-term interests of the business operations.

With a team of lawyers and experts representing the registration of intellectual property, Ha Do Law Company wishes to be associated with valued customers in advising the possibility of protection registration, protection registration procedures and handling disputes arising in the field of intellectual property.

The main services in this field include:

  • Searching the possibility of trademark protection

According to regulation by intellectual property department: “Goods trademark is mark of an enterprise (or collective of enterprises) used for distinguishing their goods and services with other”.

Thus, we shall consult for valued customers on appropriate brand, with the ability of high protection. At the same time, we will perform to research brand to eliminate duplicated risk with other brands before applying for registration for protection.

  • Consultancy for preparing record of protection registration

1. Min records, documents when brand registration

(a) Registration declaration formed by Ministry of Sciences and Technology

(b) Trademark sample and list of trademarked goods and services;

(c) Documents of paying fee, charges. 

2. For the application for collective trademark registration, certified trademark.

In addition to the documents referred to above, the application is also required to add the following documents:

(a) Rules on using collective trademark/ certified trademark;

(b) Notes to the nature, quality, features (or characteristics) of the branded product (if the trademark is registered as a collective mark for products with specific characteristics or certification marks for product quality or certification marks for geographical origin);

(c) Map defined territory (if the registered trademark is certification mark for the geographical origin of the product).

3. Process and duration to solve the problems of registration of trademark protection:

a) Form Appraisal: As the evaluation of the validity of the application according to the requirements of form, the excluded subjects, the right to apply to draw conclusions whether that application is valid or not. Time for form appraisal is 1 month from the date of filing.

b) Announcement of valid application: Application for trademark registration is accepted as a valid form published on industrial property Gazette within 2 months from the date accepted as valid application. Content of announcement of trademark application is information relating to the valid application stated in the notice of acceptance of valid application, trademark sample and the list of attached goods and services.

c) Substantive examination of trademark protection: Application for registration of a trademark being recognized as a valid form is appraised contents to evaluate the certificate of trademark registration for object stated in the application under the condition of protection. The time limit for substantive examination of trademark application is 12 months from the date of publication.

Filing trademark registration in the Department of Intellectual Property

Monitoring appraisal progress and awarding diploma in Intellectual Property Department and regularly informing to the enterprise.

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

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