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Foreign Investment

In the trend of international economic integration, To develop and use effectively domestic resources, Vietnam’s Government has continuously issued many policies to develop infrastructure, encourage direct foreign investment in implementing production and business projects in Vietnam.  

Ha Do Law Company with professional and dynamic lawyer’s team, regularly updating and studying legal regulations, preferential policies, the new rules on investments will ensure to provide customers updated information, honestly and effectively.

Moreover, with the experiences in consulting successfully for many foreign investment projects in Vietnam, we have acquired much information about geography, transportation infrastructure, transport route, labor resources, advantages and disadvantages of each region, etc. so that we can advise valued Investors from choosing investment locations, types of enterprise to implementing investment projects in Vietnam.

In this field, we offer main services, as follows:

  • Introducing the places to implement the project;
  • Proposing appropriate investment forms and methods;
  • Cooperating with Investors to negotiate with partners about plans for investment cooperation;
  • Preparing request for grant of Investment Certificate;
  • Submitting and monitoring request for grant of Investment Certificate in the competent authority;
  • Contacting and working with the competent state agencies to answer questions and handle problems arising in the process of applying for a Investment Certificate;
  • Implementing the procedures after being granted the investment certificate for implementation of the project, including site clearance, license of environmental impact assessment, construction license, the procedures with the tax authorities, etc.;
  • Consulting on Vietnam Law compliance for implementing the investment project. 

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

For advice and cooperation, please contact us.


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