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Disclosure of Cosmetics circulation

According to the regulations of law, the organizations and individuals responsible for bringing cosmetic products to market take the responsibilities of disclosing cosmetic products at the Drug Administration of Vietnam before bringing products to circulate in the market.

These organizations and individuals are only allowed to bring products to market after the disclosure and have the receipt number of cosmetic disclosure of the Drug Administration of Vietnam, and are fully responsible for the safety; efficiency of cosmetic products placed on the market and must comply with the provisions of the law of Vietnam.

Records disclosing the quality of imported cosmetics:

  • Application for registration of cosmetics circulation (sample);
  • Business Registration Certificate (true copies notarized);
  • Authorization letter:

The manufacturer authorizes for importers conducting registration procedures of cosmetic products in Vietnam.

The primary businesses performed by Ha Do Law Company:

  • Counseling on the laws related to the disclosure of cosmetic quality standards;
  • Drawing  up the cosmetic products disclosure records;
  • Filing the cosmetic quality standards disclosure records in Cosmetic Management Office –Ministry of Health;
  • Monitoring verification progress; granting disclosure.

Representing to receive cosmetic quality standards disclosure

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