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Procedures for Enterprise Dissolution

Ha Do Law Company with the team of professional, and much experienced lawyers, profound understanding enterprise dissolution procedures (even domestic enterprise and enterprise with the foreign investment) will advise and perform necessary procedures for valued customers quickly and efficiently.

We would like to share main contents of enterprise dissolution procedures, as follows:

  • Posting:

The Enterprise publishes on the newspaper on 03 consecutive issues: Local newspaper or Central newspaper.

  • Sending notification to partners and customers:

The Enterprise sends notification on dissolution to its partners and customers.

  • Tax Agency:

The Enterprise sends dissolution decision to Tax Agency the Enterprise is headquartered. Tax Agency will carry out to check, and send notification of closing tax code, and make a written record of invoice reimbursement If not owe tax.

  • Customs Authority:

The Enterprise sends a Dispatch to request customs authority certify export and import tax obligations. Customs authority shall inspect and send confirmation to the Enterprise and relevant authorities if not owe tax.

  • Bank:

The Enterprise sends a Dispatch to request Bank conduct the closing of account number and make procedures in case the Enterprise has still guarantee at the Bank.

  • Police Authority:

After completing relevant documents in Tax, Customs agencies, and Bank, and checking up whether all documents before of the Enterprise need to seal or not, the Enterprise will give the seal back to the Police Authority. The Police Authority will make its confirmation that the Enterprise returned the seal at the Police Authority and registration certificate of seal. 

Dissolution record includes:

  • Decision on enterprise dissolution;
  • 03 consecutive issues on enterprise dissolution posted electronic newspaper or newspaper;
  • Notification of enterprise dissolution (form);
  • The original of business registration certificate/investment certificate;
  • Report on progress of project implementation until the time of dissolution (If the Enterprise is the enterprise with foreign investment);
  • List of creditors and paid debts, including payments of debts owned in taxes and social insurance; 
  • Certification of Tax Agency on completion of tax obligations;
  • Certification of Customs Authority on completion import obligations;
  • Certification of social insurance Agency on completion of social insurance payments;
  • Certification of the Police Authority on seal cancelation (make procedures of seal cancelation).

Depending on adequate and valid record, The Authority grant business registration certificate/investment license will consider and make notice to delete enterprise’s name and the enterprise will terminate its operation from the time of notice. 

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