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Registration of collective trademark protection

Vietnam is proud as a nation with many traditional villages, local characteristics, and traditional products of family.  These characteristics have existed and developed over the years and eventually became brand or trademark of a collective.

Thus, that collective brand has been registered for protection or not, and how do members of that collective have the right and use that trademark?

With a professional team of intellectual property and lawyers in the field of intellectual property, Ha Do Law Company will advise, guide and implement the tasks to register protection for the collective trademark quickly and efficiently.

The rights to submit application of collective trademark registration:

  • The collective organization established legally is entitled to register collective trademark so that its members can use according to rules of collective trademark use;
  • For mark stating geological origin of goods, and services, the organizations may register are a collective organization of organizations and individuals engaged in the production and trading in that locality.

Requirements for application for collective trademark registration:

Documents, samples, information to certify trademark to be protected in application for collective trademark registration include:  

  • Trademark sample and list of trademarked goods and services;
  • Rules of using collective trademark.

Trademark sample must be described to specify constituent elements of the trademark and the overall meaning of the trademark (if any); if the trademark consists of terms of figurative language, those terms must be must be transcribed; trademark of terms in a foreign language must be translated into Vietnamese.

Goods and services mentioned in the trademark registration application must be classified in the group appropriate to the classification established by the Ni-xo Agreement on the International Classification of Goods and Services for the purpose of registration of the trademark, published by state management agencies on industry ownership rights.

Rules on using of a collective mark:

  • Name, address, establishment basis and operation of collective organization as the owner of the trademark;
  • The criteria to become a member of a collective organization;
  • List of organizations and individuals allowed using the trademark;
  • The conditions of use of the trademark;

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