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International Trade Dispute Resolution

Disputes in international trade is a very broad, complex field focusing primarily on two groups that are Agreement disputes and outside the Agreement disputes (international trade customs and conditions). When disputes arise, the Parties have many difficulties in the settlement negotiations, mostly due to inconsistent understandings of international trade conditions and customs, business culture differences in each country, the differences in language ... etc.

The ways to resolve disputes in international trade generally:

  • Negotiating on the basis of sharing risks and benefits to achieve the fastest and least expensive results.
  • If this way does not succeed, then sue the international Arbitration center region / country or the International Court of Justice (as agreement in the contract or agreement between the parties).

The choice of dispute resolution way is always difficult task to enterprises. With experience in promoting international trade, the international legal knowledge as well as the conditions and customs of international trade, our desire is to be a partner accompanying with you to protect business interests and maintain brand in international business.

Our services include:

  • Researching related profiles and documents to give legal opinions and Proposal to solve the cases;
  • Appointing Lawyers along with representatives of the Customer or on behalf of the Customer or as authorized representative of the Customer to join the meetings, negotiations to resolve the disputes with the above mentioned parties and related Parties.
  • Preparing all necessary documents for the period of the Trial Court or Arbitration (according to the specific requirements of the customer or as proposed by Ha Do Law in necessary arising situations).
  • Appointing Lawyers participate in litigation (or authorized representative) to protect the rights and interests of the parties at the Court or Arbitration Centre;
  • Preparing profiles and procedures for requesting the recognition and implementation of judgments or arbitral decision in the country according to the requirement of the litigant.

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

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