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HADO Law Firm is a member of the Hanoi Lawyer Bar Association, was established and operates under license number 01020672/TP/DKHD issued by the Hanoi Justice Department.

The legal consultancy, participation in the legal proceedings, extrajudicial representative and provides other legal services are our field of operation.

The power of collective cohesion, the professional team of lawyers, the dedication and the will to improve in working had been promoted for the outstanding development and affirm our strengths in the fields such as: international trade; intellectual property rights; foreign investment project; import-export risk management; financial and banking advisory; securities; construction and real estate; corporate; M&A.

Promote the ultimate benefit of the customer; carefully and rigorous in each assigned job, compliance with the professional standards & ethics of lawyer and commitments on absolute keeping the confidential information of customer are our principles of law activities.