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Foundation Introduction:

Lawyer Le Minh Tuan

 The training process

-1999: Bachelor of Economic Law - HLU

- 2004: Bachelor of International Trade - FTU

- 2005: Attorney - Justice Institute

- 2008: Lawyer Certification by Ministry of Justice

- 2010: Management and business administration - Robenny Business (Canada)

- 2011: ISO Auditor – TUV NORD (Germany)

- 2012: Human resource management - G & H (USA)

- 2014: Master of Law - GASS (Studying)

Experience Activities

- Advising on international trade transactions

-  Advisory on Investment, management and operates the investment projects

- Lawyer on Contracts and International Trade

- Lawyer on the field of enterprise governance and legal compliance

- Lawyer on Labor & Unions

- Lawyer on the field of Real Estate and Construction

Special experiences

- Preparing and negotiating on the international commercial contracts;

- Preparing and negotiating on the business co-operate contracts;

- Consulting, representing on the settlement of disputes in international trade;

- Consulting, representing on the settlement of disputes about intellectual property;

- Advising on the corporate governance and legal compliance;

- Consultation and representatives on dispute settlement in the field of Labor & Trade Union;

- Consulting, representing on the settlement of disputes in the field of real estate and construction (especially the Apartment Contract);

- Consulting and management of operations in the field of import and export;

- Consulting and applying for certificates of origin, professional licenses;

- Advising and registration for protection of intellectual property rights such as protection of trademarks, designs, industrial property, etc;

- Litigation on the civil, economic, commercial, criminal court.

Personnel Awards

- 2008: Award for study and follow the moral of Ho Chi Minh by the Hanoi Labor Union.

- 2009: Award for Typical Labor in Hanoi Capital by Hanoi Labor Union.

- 2013: Award for Typical Lawyer in activities from 2008 to 2013 by the Vietnam Lawyer Bar Federation.

Self aims

- Become a legal fulcrum to the sustainable development of customer;

- Develop HADO Law Firm to become a prestige & professional law firm in Asia;

- Regular training for staff on expertise, professional skills to serve better and create more value for customers.


About Me: Lê Minh Tuấn

Luật sư, Giám đốc / Lawyer, Director

Tư vấn thương mại quốc tế / International Trade Consultant

Điện thoại: (024) 730 86 999 / Mobi: 090 45 45 299

Email: infor@hado-law.com / Email: infor.ssv@gmail.com