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Company Introduction

Company Name: HADO Law Firm Co., Ltd

Head Office: Room 2008 Xuan Mai Tower, To Hieu, Ha Cau, Dong Ha, Ha Noi

Branch Office: Room 2008 Xuan Mai Tower, To Hieu, Ha Cau, Dong Ha, Ha Noi

Foundation: 20/04/2011 by the Hanoi Department of Justice.

Tax Code: 0105 288 353

Chairman: Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Lawyers, Expert on International Trade

Director: Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Lawyers, CEO

Fields of activities:

• Participation in legal proceedings

• Legal consultant

• Representatives of extrajudicial

• Other Legal Services

Man powers:

• Expert committee: Lawyer TUAN, Le Minh

• Lawyers on International Trade, import and export

• Lawyer on Corporate and law compliance

• Lawyer on Labor, Labor Union

• Lawyer on Foreign Investment Project

• Lawyer on Land, Real Estate

• Consulting on Banking, Financial and Securities,

• Consulting on Intellectual Property Rights

• Consulting on other legal issues

Work experience:

• Consulting, representing the settlement of disputes in international trade;

• Consulting, promotion, support deployment of foreign investment projects in Vietnam;

• Applying for new license, amended, supplemented license of foreign investment;

• Obtain additional business license rights to export and import, distribution and export processing enterprise that open on the roadmap commitments of Vietnam joining into WTO;

• Applying for new, amended, supplemented local business license;

• Consulting and renew, change the certificate of land use rights and property on the ground;

• Registered Representative and protection of intellectual property such as brand, trademarks, patents, utility solutions;

• Advising and representing resolving disputes over intellectual property in Vietnam;

• Participate in the proceedings of the general court in resolving criminal cases, civil, economic, labor, land, inheritance, marriage and family;

• Participate in arbitration proceedings: International Arbitration Centre in Vietnam;

• Consultation on procedures, export-import operations in international trade: Exports of sawn timber, wood pulp, wood cockroaches; Building materials such as sawn slabs, stone powder; copper, etc.

• Consultation on setup import and export management, import and export liquidation system of FDI enterprises in Vietnam;

Motto action:

• For society: Creation the habitat, business fields with promotion of the human rights, true values by legal compliance are principle activities;

• For the client: To promote the power of collective cohesion to the successful creation for customers;

• For employees: Enhancing personal knowledge, concentrate on training and level up skills, attention to long-term benefits;

• The company: Become a law trademark "Top 10th ASIAN";

Community Society Responsibility (CSR):

• Support to community on free legal advice activities, training in international trade;

• Responding to activities such as earth propagation environment protection, saving land resources, water ... etc;

• Support the people in floods, orphans and helpless, who are less fortunate in the community. 


About Me: Lê Minh Tuấn

Luật sư, Giám đốc / Lawyer, Director

Tư vấn thương mại quốc tế / International Trade Consultant

Điện thoại: (024) 730 86 999 / Mobi: 090 45 45 299

Email: infor@hado-law.com / Email: infor.ssv@gmail.com