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Civil cases

In practice, civil disputes are various and complicated. To effectively protect people concerned in such cases, it is necessary for Lawyer to have a huge range of specialized legal knowledge with experience and scientific-evidence assessment methods so that strategy and settlement directions can be on the right and effective way.

Ha Do Law Company with many professional and experienced lawyers always updating policies and mastering legal regulations shall consult, represent, and protect Customers’ legal benefit in civil disputes at Court.

Our main consultancy includes:

Dispute settlement period in Court (all levels)

Collect evidences and documents.

  • Documents and files provided by litigant.
  • Collect documents and files from other individuals, and organization relating to the disputes.

Evaluate evidences and give settlement directives. 

  • Construct, and simulate the case to clarify the nature and scope of the dispute.
  • Evaluate strengths and weakness of litigant based on documents and applicable regulations. 
  • Give consultancy of Court jurisdiction in dispute settlement, debut limitation, etc.  
  • Propose settlement methods and directives to bring benefits to litigant. 

Form debut documents or litigant – protecting documents. 

  • Form debut documents or litigant – protecting documents. 
  • Give consultancy over rights and obligations of litigant as raising debut or sued to Court.
  • Give consultancy over court fee, execution and litigation procedure of civil cases

Protect litigant’s benefit at Court

  • Submit debut documents or litigant  – protecting documents
  • Join reconciliation at Court (protecting lawyer or authorized representative lawyer). 
  • Protecting lawyer or authorized representative lawyer participate the case to protect litigant’s benefits.
  • Submit relevant documents; receive invoice, decisions, and judgment of Court under the authorization of litigant. 

Execution period

  • Compose documents and submit application for execution to competent executing authorities in case there is no volunteer execution of litigant ;
  • Inspect and work with the executing authority and competent governmental agencies to request for execution;
  • Other necessary tasks during the execution.  

Ha Do Law Company wishes to become a trusted and regular partner of valued Customers.

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