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Protection of rights and interests at arbitration center

Arbitration is a method resolving disputes arising from commercial activities and shall be implemented in sequence and procedure agreed by the parties or as prescribed by law. The dispute settlement is referred to Arbitration Council under a certain Arbitration Centre or to Arbitration Council established by the parties, depending on the decisions of the parties.

Arbitration shall be authorized to resolve the following disputes:
1. Disputes arising between the parties from commercial activities.
2. Disputes arising between the parties in which at least one party performs commercial activities.
3. Other disputes between the parties that are required to be referred to Arbitration.

Procedures for settling disputes by arbitration has the advantage of not publicity, the arbitration award is final value. In addition, the arbitration of the parties are free to appoint their own arbitrator; and freely agrees on the order and procedures for settlement of disputes such as arbitration language, place of arbitration, applicable law , ... etc..

With professional and experienced lawyers, we can advise and perform as representative of Customer to participate in the litigation to protect litigant in arbitration centers, including:

  • Research Commercial Contracts Customers have signed, and the records, documents and information provided by customers to legally evaluate the case.
  • Advise and propose dispute settlement methods for Customer to review and select.
  • Support Customer in exchange process; work with trading partners to seek dispute settlement methods arising between Customers with trading partners.
  • Support Customer in exchanging with concerned agencies, organizations and individuals to solve the case and / or identify, collect evidences of the case.
  • Advise preparation procedures of debut documents before the Arbitration agencies.
  • Support Customer in drafting documents to trading partners, individuals and / or the competent authorities during the dispute settlement.
  • Support Customer in collecting evidences and information related to the case. 
  • Drafting debut application to be submitted to Arbitration Centre for debut start.
  • If necessary, support Customer in procedure preparation to request Arbitration agencies to apply temporarily urgent methods to blockade the payment to trading partners opening Letter of Credit at the Bank.
  • Support Customer in seeking and requesting arbitrator to join Dispute Settlement Council at Arbitration agency.
  • Exchange and work with trading partners under the authorization of customer during the dispute settlement at Arbitration Body
  • Perform with lawyer roles to protect the legal rights and benefits of Customer during the dispute settlement at Arbitration Body


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