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Defense attorney

Vietnam is in the process of international economic integration and mix the flow of the globalization trend, Vietnam law is a perfect day to just be able to meet environmental members of trade organizations world, could achieve its goal of becoming the rule of law.

Law practice in Vietnam today also requires enhancements and innovations to integrate. One of the important skills of a lawyer should enhance and innovate the Law Lawyer Ha Do want to mention in this article is "Skills argue and debate of Lawyers".

Defense Attorney

First, the defense attorney should distinguish fallacy in reasoning and argument:
The argument: Starting from the premise (the facts, the truth is people admit), based on the arguments we go to the conclusion - it is argued. There are two types of arguments: arguments to prove the truth and argues so convincingly.

The first type of logical argument forms. It was proved in geometry math, algebra, physics, chemistry ... taught in schools. Arguments of this kind are theorems, laws, rules ... have known.

In real life there are convincing arguments type, make-believe, say so in order to allow people to hear "caught the ear" and believe in what you say or abandon old assumptions. Main arguments in this argument is the type of everyday logic "in having fresh sage" is reasoning about causality, "cried one person sky stomach" is argument about the network, "the house is not concrete just like feather wings "is the argument of a race. That is the reason "obviously so." This type of reasoning informal logic.

Fallacies: Sophists either deliberately violate the rules of deductive logic aims to distract the listener, the reader, to make others mistook the wrong is right and right is wrong.

Fraudulently altering the concept is a common fallacy in the argument.

Debate: A debate to learn about right and wrong, right and wrong between the parties. But the argument does not mean a no cursing sparring between the capital rules have firm belief in his own opinion. In contrast, the debate has strict rules and skills rather complex debate; and sometimes you have to stand on the position that the usual objections that you have always believed to be true.

Second, the defense lawyer should respect and implement the principles:
Respect others' opinions
Put yourself in the other person
Admitting mistakes at certain levels
Start gently and slowly
Leading opponents agree on one of the most common view
To opponents have the opportunity to speak on the basis of the views agree
Individual argument presented that reflected the views of the people
Always be open and honest
Expressing sympathy with a certain desired number of opponents
Always frank
Gradually establish a solid baseline
In turn given the constraints, challenges
To be cool at certain levels
Knowing the right time to stop

Third, the defense attorney should always be prepared to refute:
Logical reasoning can not succeed by only confirms that opponents argue wrong. Lawyers need to figure out WHY the wrong enemy. It is best to pick a gist of the arguments of opponents and prove that it does not make sense or unfounded. Participants debate will have to think a lot, and very fast in this job, this is the most difficult and also the most attractive of the debate.

Try to prove by logic convinced the most important point in the opponent's argument is wrong or is no justifiable basis. To perform this job no other way than to lawyers must exercise regularly.

Keep your eyes to capture preliminary outline expected refute but do not argue until the content has been presented. To prepare for the counter, find weaknesses in an opponent's argument is not enough, also need a lawyer arranged logic skills and a good presentation ability.

Fourth, practice presentations and presentation skills are essential to the defense attorney:
There are many different techniques that each speaker can be used in his speech, but there are three main points that will be appreciated lawyer that is "content", "method" and "attitude":

The content is what is said and the substance of the speech.
Methods are organized ways to express something to say.
Attitude is the voices expressed from the heart. Does any one "template" for attitude when presented because it depends on each specific situation and the specific reaction of oneself.
In view of the Lawyers Law Ha Do, if you have the ability to argue and debate well, you'll have the ability to become a good lawyer. However, the reverse is not necessarily true.

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