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Business Law and the story "applaud failure"

Business Law and the story "applaud failure"
Morning 26-11, at the rate of 85.51% deputies approved, Congress has approved the draft Law on Enterprises (revised).
Business Law (revised) consists of 10 chapters and 213 articles, provides for the establishment, organization and management, reorganization, dissolution and related activities of the limited liability company, corporation section, partnerships and private enterprises (collectively referred to as enterprises); provisions for corporate groups; business registration procedures; Content certificate of business registration; contributed assets ...
Business Law (as amended) has many new positive
A new feature of the Enterprise Law (as amended) is repealed proposal now provides industry code when making business registration. Accordingly, businesses are not limited amount of business sectors.
Also under the Enterprise Law (as amended) on the enterprise will be weighted more autonomy to the seal. Previously, the issue of corporate seals (Article 44) still has suggested further research to suit the provisions of the current legislation on the management and use of seals as well as measures to ensure seals have legal value and not tampered with.
On behalf of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the National Assembly Nguyen Van Giau absorbing presentation, revising, project explanations Enterprise Law (Amendment) said: Enterprises are free all decisions on the form, content and the management and use of seals; at the same time, enterprises are obliged to sign the notice form of business registration agency to publish a public national database of registered businesses. By participating in the business, of course partners with comprehensive control measures for businesses, including the authenticity of the seal to both sides can trust, signing the transaction.

Besides, the content of the Enterprise Law (amendment) has recently approved adjustments in the concept of "corporate state". Accordingly, instead of regulations now state that the State now holds over 50% of charter capital as at the draft before it under the new law, state-owned enterprises is now the State holds 100% capital.

TS Nguyễn Đình Cung, Viện trưởng Viện Nghiên cứu Quản lý kinh tế Trung ương (CIEM)

Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung, Research Institute of the Central Economic Management (CIEM)
Evaluation of this change, talk to reporters ANTT.VN, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung, Institute of Economic Research Central Management (CIEM), said:
"Change will create a legal framework protecting fair, complete with investors in the state enterprises. Because, previously, we consider corporate charter capital ratio by State holding over 50% to less than 100% are state-owned enterprises should enforce all the rules, mechanisms and how nature management in that state. But now, under the Enterprise Law (Amendment) recently approved, the business is called state enterprises and entirely applicable rules, regulations, like those now outside no state capital.
In addition to ensuring, better protection of property rights and interests of investors outside the simultaneous with, the law would create fairness, equality between investors. Either way, we should expect that the principles of good corporate governance will be applied full force more easily than in the enterprise is not 100% state-owned. From there, create conditions for the equitization of state-owned enterprises more, faster.
Also, in terms of the overall focus of the Enterprise Law (as amended) set out in this place: Law extended, increase freedom of business law, to better protect the rights and interests of investors; simultaneously, giving businesses a more flexible, more active in management, corporate governance, business organizations; thereby, minimize risk, reduce business costs and all the things that can help the management level of market economy in our country a step up. "
The story of the slogan: "We welcome the failure" in the land of the
Evaluation of the positive points that Law was implemented, TS. Le Dang Doanh, former director of the Institute of Economic Management Central added, the Bill has been passed regulations do not write lines of business in the certificate is likely to make content "business illegal "in the Criminal Code will need to be adjusted because now businesses have the right to free enterprise, as long as appropriate under the law and not the" illegal "as according to data cited in the
investment, text ministries, agencies and regulations to "incriminate" business again.

TS. Lê Đăng Doanh, nguyên Viện trưởng Viện Quản lý Kinh tế Trung ương
Dr. Le Dang Doanh, former director of the Institute of Economic Management Central
The enterprises are allowed to make their own decisions about the seal as prescribed in the Law amending this will help businesses save time, costs significantly compared with the cumbersome procedures, expensive and really not also suitable as before.
In addition, the industry has also been banned from trading rules are explicit and detailed in terms of content are also very much progress.
"I hope to come here, law firms will have a positive impact to the newly established enterprises will be increased, businesses have to register and can also expand the business, structural adjustment of business to business activity is better, "he said.
In exchange, the experts also shared with reporters a very interesting details:
"Compared with Hong Kong or Israel, the percentage of businesses per capita of Vietnam is very low. Because they have a slogan, it is We welcome failure, therefore, the people there have a conception of psychology, has a very positive attitude, welcomed everyone to invest, build up businesses in the country and that, generally, a first-year college students conducted two investors, businesses and building. According to calculations, every adult in Hong Kong, the company already owns 1.5 and an ordinary banker, but more a business investment on IT advertising or not something is a not unusual here.
I was very encouraged Vietnam now working boldly, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit. Because a country is strong right now, thanks to more powerful rather than a country with many officials, many administrative agencies. "

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